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  • Manufacturer FZ Fonerize
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·         Slimline Case contoured around the iPhone 6 6S to fit in a back pocket, jacket pocket or handbag giving All round protection for your iPhone 6 6S helping to preventing “iPhone bend”!

·         FULL WALLET including Large Note Pocket, 2nd Pocket for Receipts, Tickets etc, 3 Credit Card slots

·         Real First Grade Cowhide Leather in a great range of colours including Black, Black & Tan, Red, Brown and a lovely Purple

·         2 Sim Card Holders & Free Sim Pin; Matching Wrist Strap for extra Security.


When we designed our first full wallet case for the iPhone 4 we were concerned that the depth of the phone potentially made the model a bit too thick in the waist for some users.

We are ecstatic to say that the ultra slim depth of the iPhone 6 6S at 6.7mm and overall size plays into our hands! The case can now be kept ultra slim to fit into the average trouser pocket, jacket or handbag yet large enough to get most full sized notes (£’s, $’s or €’s) into the Cash Pocket without folding whilst the second pocket has extra capacity for even more receipts, memos and tickets! FZ still use premium real cowhide leather to giving the exquisite feel, touch and aroma of the genuine article, a real sense of luxury and compliments the inherent design brilliance of Apple's iPhone whilst the matching wrist strap adds extra security.

Your new Manhattan Real Leather Full Wallet case for iPhone 6 will be dispatched to you in a classy Black & Silver Gift Box making it an ideal birthday or Christmas present for your loved ones!

We are proud to offer FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.

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