FZ Fonerize Guarantee & Warranty

The products on which we proudly stamp our “FZ” logo carry our “no quibble” guarantee whereby if you are not entirely satisfied with the leather wallet, case, credit card or ID holder we have supplied for any reason we will gladly exchange it or refund the purchase price within 2 weeks of its acquisition.

Naturally all of the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and Galaxy S3, S4 Leather Wallet Cases we sell have a full 6 Month Warranty where we will replace defective goods with new ones.

We continually strive to improve our merchandise and would love to hear both your feedback and any ideas for how we can make it better.

Whilst we do continually test our 100% real leather smartphone cases, wallets, flips and card holders very occasionally manufacturing or even design errors can slip through. Please, please, please do tell us as soon as you discover such a problem and we will immediately ship you a replacement, upgrade your purchase of a compact wallet to a full wallet or give you a refund.

Examples have occurred where the magnet on a flip closing tab may be a weak rogue sample but the replacement we send has been fine.

The only major problem we have encountered has been where our supplier changed the formula of the plastic in the phone holder on our Manhattan Full Wallet, Manhattan Flip Case & Card Holder and Chelsea Compact Wallet for the iPhone 4S and 5S with the result that the top corners on the holder on a number of cases were breaking off. We are pleased to say that after extensive testing of numerous samples a new stronger holder made of more flexible plastic has been sourced and will be used on all cases from May 2014. However, if the one you have bought prior to this date has been affected in this manner please tell us and we will ship a replacement. 

If you think that we should be supplying a leather wallet case in pink with orange spots please tell us. Equally if you think that we should offer a card holder in ostrich skin leather, please suggest it. For example, Rich from the USA has requested a zipped coin pocket on the rear of his wallet case and this is something we are considering with our designers!