FZ Fonerize Customer Service

FZ Fonerize beliefs that it only has a long term business future if it has happy customers willing to make repeated purchases of its range of leather phone wallets, cases and card holders because they feel that its products offer great quality and value.

We strive to accomplish this not only through good innovative design but also sourcing excellent materials and partnering with outstanding manufactures, a prime example of this being our use of delectable colour range of genuine English leather in our Albany, Vermont, Mayfield and Lewes range of flip and wallet cases for the iPad Air and Mini, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C as well as for the Samsung S3, S4 and S4 Mini.

However, all of this effort is for nought if it is not reinforced by outstanding customer service.

Whilst we make every effort to get you the right case for your phone in the right time frame and in the best condition, all businesses are only human and we do make occasional mistakes. Very rarely our Quality Control checks let us down and a poor sample gets dispatched.

We believe that the real test of Customer Service is how a company reacts in these circumstances and in this area we believe that FZ Fonerize excels.

If you are experiencing a problem with delivery or one of our leather cases LET US KNOW. If we are not aware of a problem we cannot rectify it!

In the case of a delivery being too late and clearly lost we will reship straight away WITHOUT QUERY.

If the wrong case has been sent we will usually send the correct one without delay whilst suggesting you keep the original, perhaps as a present for someone.

If there is a problem with the case itself, we will replace it WITHOUT QUERY.

This is what we mean by our NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE!

To see how our Customer Service works in practice, please do just look at our Feedback on Amazon UK, eBay UK, Amazon US and eBay US