Alligator Leather Entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica MDCCCLXXXII

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Close up of Alligator Leather

Alligator Leather. – For a number of years leather tanned from the skins of the Mississippi alligator has formed an item in the trade lists of the United States, and it is now also being sought after in the European markets. The industry was started about the year 1860, and centred first at New Orleans, the raw skins being obtained from the rivers of Louisiana. Now, however, the skins are principally procured in Florida, and the tanning is a considerable industry in Jacksonville. The parts of the skin useful for leather making are the belly and flanks, and these portions alone are steeped in lime to preserve them for the tanner. Alligator leather, which has a scaly surface, is useful for fancy boot and show making, and for many small articles such as cigar cases, pocket books, &c.