As businesses introduced loyalty cards and credit and debit cards increased in popularity, many users found that their conventional wallets simply did not have enough space for all the cards they wished to carry around.

This trend has been exaggereated by the adoption of Travel such as the Oyster Card for use on London public transport , Drivers Licenses, Discount Cards and many others all in the same size.

Designers noticed this was a common complaint with their wallets and purses and so began to design wallets specifically for card holders. These can range from holding 2-3 credit cards to dozens, and now come in a wide variety of designs and fabrics for both men and women.

Some have see-through pouches for users to place ID cards for easy access, while others are made of thinner material so users can use touch cards (such as oyster cards) without having to remove them from the holder. However, some consumers find that these card holders can get quite thick and bulky, and can be difficult to slip into your pocket.

For convenience and practicality FZ Fonerize have a wide range of cases that double as card-holders. By having a phone case that doubles as a card holder this saves users carrying around two separate items.

Though our phone cases only have the capacity for a few cards, the mesh pocket means your identification (ID) can be used without it having to be removed from the cardholder, and the leather material means that you can easily use your Oyster and touch-cards without having to remove them from the safety of the case.

All our own brand leather cases double as card-holders, are available in a wide variety of colours, are all made in 100% genuine leather whilst our Vermont, Albany, Main and Hamptons cases are crafted in high-quality, luxury ultra-soft English leather yet still retail at a competitive price.