FZ Fonerize was established in London in response to booming sales of smartphones such as the iPhone, Galaxy and Blackberry ranges and the need to protect and indeed further enhance a critical life tool, innovation and quality are at the heart of what we do.                   

We want to be different.            

We don't want to churn out yet another homogenised product which rapidly becomes a commodity. Quality of build and originality of design will always show through no matter how badly others may try to imitate. Attention to detail is an art form not a function.          

Not only have we at FZ Fonerize tested and retested every feature and virtue of our real leather iPhone and Galaxy cases but our friends and family have as well. The product is then refined and tested again. It is not simply the practical concerns we discuss but the aesthetic qualities as well.       

iPhone 5 on the beach            

Only when we are absolutely happy with the final design do we go to the production stage. We want our clients to appreciate the time and thought we have put into it - not to be our guinea pigs!     

We even have the leather we use scientifically tested!                

When you purchase a Fonerize genuine product with our FZ logo emblazed on the front  we like to think you are buying into a piece of heritage - designed to perfection and crafted to last the test of time.        

One example of our belief in this ethos is our sourcing of Real Ultra-soft English Lambkin Leather for use in our range of Albany, Vermont and Lewes wallet and flip cases for the iPad, Galaxy and iPhone directly from the tannery in Somerset, England and the hand selection of a fantastic range of colours such as Majestic Purple, Fuchsia Pink, Camel and Spanish Brown.

To help bring our real leather iPhone and Galaxy cases to every country we are proud to offer FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.