iPhone 4 & 4S Cases, Leather Wallets, Purses, Pouches and Credit Card Holders

After its successful launch in 2007, the initial iPhone model was almost totally redesigned for the all-new 4 in 2010 with Steve Jobs declaring it the "biggest leap since the original".

 New features included Face Time front facing video, a Retina display with four times the pixels and a switch to microSIM card. With new wireless technology and multiple antenna controversy ensued when it was quickly found to loose signal if the stainless steel band around the iPhone 4 was held in a certain way, a problem which was only really sorted out a year later with the 4S.

However, with a better than ever camera and all the new other gizmos, that hiccup wasn't enough to stop the 4 range being the world's best ever selling smartphone with the 4s still being manufactured and sold across the globe into late 2013 and probably well into 2014.

Initially available only in Black, a white handset became available in 2011. Personalisation continued apace with Black cases and leather wallets proving to be best sellers other popular colours being in sales volumes White,  Pink, Red, Blue and Green.